Inspired by the blooms of spring, fresh breeze, lush green, and sunshine! This wide variety of throw pillows with light textiles, brings the outdoor vibes in!

Spring / Summer collection

Hello! I am Carolyn, the person behind the J home!
I am an architect with a huge passion for interior design and details!
In addition to my architectural expertise, I also design and create handmade cushions, adding unique touches to your living spaces.
I can help you transform your space into a personalized, trendy, comfortable, dream home!

served more than 50 clients

We're so lucky to have worked with Carolyn, who's not just an incredibly creative designer but also someone who really listens. She finds inspiration in art galleries and global designs, which added such richness to our project. From the start, I knew Carolyn would understand and deliver exactly what we wanted.Her portfolio is so diverse, yet she manages to keep this elegant touch in everything she does. We were going for a European farmhouse style, and that's exactly what she brought to life for us. After lots of meetings and brainstorming sessions, she put together mood boards that captured our vision perfectly. And the high-end finish? She nailed it, which was a big deal for us.Carolyn, you've made our dream home a reality, and we can't thank you enough for your creativity and hard work. It's been such a pleasure working with you!

Christen Zghendy

made in lebanon

our handmade cushions

At Jhome, we offer unique, handmade cushions produced exclusively on order in Lebanon. Our designs combine exquisite artistry, premium materials, and heartfelt craftsmanship, ensuring each piece stands out in terms of style, quality, and durability. Our cushions are crafted to meet the highest standards, providing lasting comfort and satisfaction. We also cater to those who prioritize sustainability, with eco-friendly and ethically produced options that align with your values. Through Jhome, customers experience the artistry, warmth, and emotional connection embedded in Carolyn's designs, creating a deeper bond with the concept of home.

Why our cushions are special!

curated designs

Distinguished by a refined design these handmade cushions are created to add personality and style to your space.


Chat with me in the chatbot below or DM me @the.J.home on instagram,
send me a picture of your living room, and together, we can find the perfect cushions to enhance its beauty and comfort. Let's create a space you'll love coming home to!

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